Google Workspace


G1 - Google Meet, 11am-1pm, $150

Google Meet is an important part of the Google Suite of Apps. In this class series you will learn how to join a meeting and control your microphone and video camera, how to chat, how to set up a meeting and invite people and how to present information.

G2 - Google Workspace, 9am-12pm, $225

Google Workspace Email, Contacts and Calendar is the new alternative to Microsoft Outlook. In this class series you will learn how to use Gmail features including sending and receiving emails with attachments, how to create and manage contacts, how to create calendar events, manage appointments and meetings and share calendars with others.  We will also look at Google Drive, and learn how to create folders, upload, and share files and find and use files shared by others.

G3 - Google Apps & Google Drive, 9am-12pm, $225

Popular Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets and Slides are explored in this series of classes plus cloud-based storage through Google Drive. You will learn how to share and collaborate on documents and spreadsheets, create slide show presentations and understand document versions and how to retrieve them. A great alternative to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive.

G4 - Google Sites, 9am-12pm, $225

Use Google Sites to create a website to share information with others. Choose a template then add, delete and organize pages. Add or edit text and images. Add Google files, video and more. Create pages, buttons, menus, publish and share your site and invite others to edit  your site with you. Lots of easy to use layout tools for text and images. You can quickly build a website, connect to a free or custom domain and get it up and running in a matter of minutes all completely free. Google sites is part of your free Gmail account. What are you waiting for? Start building your FREE website today.