Intro Classes


PC1 - Keyboarding & Typing On The Computer, $75

Work with a popular online typing tutor application to learn finger placement for the industry standard QWERTY keyboard. Self Paced learning that covers speed and accuracy.

Ongoing, call for details

PC2 - Introduction to Personal Computers, 1pm-3pm, $150

Great beginners class for understanding how a computer works. Covers the basics of Processor Speed, RAM, Hard Drive size, DVD/CD-ROM's, Cable Modem/DSL speeds, Sound and Monitor sizes. Internet access and popular software applications are also covered. If you are looking to buy a computer, take this class first.

Mar 01, Apr 05, May 03, Jun 07, Jul 05, Aug 02, Sep 06, Oct 04, Nov 01, Dec 06

PC3 - Introduction to the Web & Internet, 11am-1pm, $150

Learn the basics of Web Browsing and sending E-mail including attachments. Basic terminology is covered plus choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP),  equipment and costs. An essential class for anyone who is not yet part of the global computer revolution. Absolute beginners are welcome!

Mar 01, Apr 05, May 03, Jun 07, Jul 05, Aug 02, Sep 06, Oct 04, Nov 01, Dec 06

PC4 - Introduction to Windows 11, 9am-11am, $150

Learn how to start up and shut down your computer and the basic mouse techniques for accessing  menus, dialog boxes and window controls. You will also launch and explore applications using the task bar, start menu and desktop. Work with folders and files and explore the help menus, printers and settings. This class teaches fundamental techniques that apply to all other windows applications.  We also cover basic word processing. This class will get you up and running on Windows 11.

Mar 08, Apr 12, May 10, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 09, Sep 13, Oct 11, Nov 08, Dec 13

PC5 - Introduction to Creating Blog Sites, 11am-1pm, $150

A sort of personal diary. Learn how to set up and use a blog site so that you can reach the world with your own particular news or subject matter. You can build your blog with text, images and links to other blogs and web sites. Absolute beginners welcome.

Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17, Jun 21, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sep 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20

PC6 - Introduction to Web Video and YouTube, 1pm-4pm, $225

Using Windows Movie Maker learn how to create and upload a Web Video to popular sites such as  You Tube and Google Video. Great beginning class for someone interested in knowing more about putting their own videos onto the web.

Mar 15, Apr 19, May 17, Jun 21, Jul 19, Aug 16, Sep 20, Oct 18, Nov 15, Dec 20

PC7 - Introduction to Google Search, 9am-11am, $150

Search basics, using descriptive words and locations. How to use Google to research employers and jobs. Search using your voice along with keyword choices, spelling and capitalization concerns, finding quick answers for weather, dictionary items, calculations, unit conversions and quick facts etc. How to use search operators for more advanced search techniques such as filtering and image searches.

PC7 - Introduction to Microsoft Teams, 9am-12pm, $225

Microsoft Teams allows you to create online meetings for Team collaboration. In this class series you will learn how to join and participate in a Team meeting, how to participate in a Team Channel and how to communicate and collaborate through teams.

PC9 - Introduction to Zoom, 9am-12pm, $225

Zoom has become an essential skill for communication in the workplace. In this class series, you will learn how to join and participate in a Zoom meeting, how to set up and schedule a Zoom meeting and how to set up and manage Zoom breakout rooms.

PC10 - Introduction to the iPad, 9am-11am, $150

This class will help you feel comfortable with your iPad so you can hit the ground running in no time at all. It covers everything a new user needs to know to get started. It will introduce you to the key features of your new iPad and take you through the early stages of its use. 

PC11 - Introduction to SLACK, 9am-12pm, $225

Slack is an instant messaging app that lets you communicate with your coworkers, using a workspace "channel" or a direct message setting. Slack allows you to be more interactive in your messaging to connect quicker and easier than email. Learn how to use the basics of SLACK in this introductory class.